Paint Protection Film 3M Scotchgard PPF Certified InstallerIf you are serious about protecting the paint on your vehicle from chips, scratches, stains, flying gravel, contaminants, hard to remove bug debris, tar and harsh environmental elements like salt water, then you need to consider the PPF film. Here is why.

Paint Protective films are extremely durable, provide exceptional clarity, offer thicker protection than ceramic coatings, can be safely removed and replaced and provide amazing protection from rock chips due to their self-healing properties. We only install 8-mil-thick film that is maintenance free, works tirelessly to protect your paint against the elements and keeps your car’s paint and other surfaces looking like new.

What our Customers are Saying

A common misconception about PPF is that it’s only installed as a Clear Bra to protect the hood and front bumper of the vehicle. The reality is that, due to its amazing durability it can pretty much be used in many of the surfaces that are prone to damage.

We Commonly install Paint Protection Film in:

It’s recommended to install PPF in the high-impact and vulnerable areas where your vehicle commonly suffers the most damage from the elements. Protect the complete paint job, commonly done by supercars and collectibles but many other custom and specialized vehicles apply it this way as well.

  • Protect Rocker panels, hoods, mirror backs, lights from sand, stones, flying gravel, etc.
  • The door handle areas to protect them from keys, purses, rings, etc.
  • Door edges and trunk edges to protect them from luggage, strollers and other damage.
  • Full roofs and trunks to protect against bird droppings, UV rays and tree SAP, among others.

Backed by a 3M Warranty

As an authorized installer of 3M  paint protection, we have the latest technology to perfectly cut the templates to your specific vehicle and provide a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer to provide you with true piece of mind.

3M invented paint protection film over 50 years ago so this technology is tested and guaranteed from installation problems, bubbling, cracking or yellowing. This is the equivalent of putting a clear shield in the key areas of your car and providing it with the best available protection in the market. 3M is so confident in this film that they even provide an additional optional warranty that covers the paint under the film. They are the only company that can do that.

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We offer different packages and levels of PPF film customized to your vehicle and your preferences. Although we’ve worked on most makes and models, to provide you with a quote, we need to inspect your vehicle. We can do this at our shop or we can have one of our inspectors visit your home or office for a quick assessment. After all, we want to provide you with a fair quote since our pricing is final.

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