Our HD Headlight Restoration Service will transform aged, coarse and yellowing, fogged or hazy headlights and leave them looking like factory new. Return your car, truck or SUV headlights to their original condition with the help of our professional headlight restoration services in MIAMI.

A common misconception about PPF is that it’s only installed as a Clear Bra to protect the hood and front bumper of the vehicle. The reality is that, due to its amazing durability it can pretty much be used in many of the surfaces that are prone to damage.

Headlights receive the most abuse of almost any other part of your vehicle. Their positioning exposes them to continuous abrasion from road debris. Combined with the exposure to the sun’s UV rays, the protective coating from the factory fades and the lights develop small surface cracks.

With time, headlight lenses become discolored or dull due to oxidation primarily due to UV light and other environmental factors such as road debris impact (stones, sand, etc.) rain, and exposure to caustic chemicals.

The result is a less effective headlight and a major safety issue since the light output is severely compromised, in some cases up to 80%. Night-time driving can become hazardous and the appearance of your vehicle will suffer as well.

You can replace the headlights, that in some vehicles can cost well into the hundreds and even thousands of dollars or you can restore your headlights with us.

Our Solution

Our Professional HD Headlight Restoration Service will bring back the visibility and clarity from the factory while increasing illumination, making your vehicle safe again and maintaining the like-new factory looks.

We will remove the contaminated surface with several layers of ultra-fine sanding and polishing. Once we have achieved a perfectly transparent, factory-looking surface we go a step further.

We apply our exclusive 3m  pro series paint protection film. This is a clear film has been designed to protect headlights against fading, discoloration and yellowing for up to 10 years. Our process also includes the application of Beeds headlight ceramic coating compound. This last process will form a covalent bond with the headlight material, creating a durable protective film. After applying this protective film and coating, your headlights will retain their perfect clarity in any environment.

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High End Detail is an Authorized 3M paint protection film and exclusive Representative of beeds ceramic coating product in the United States.

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Save hundreds and even thousands of dollars by restoring instead of replacing your headlights.

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