Our popular ceramic coating custom service offers the long-term paint protection many owners are looking for. This coating drastically reduces the amount of required maintenance needed to keep your paint looking great, and also provides an important layer of protection that is far superior to traditional waxes or sealants. These ceramic coatings are over 100 times thicker than the average layer of wax, and therefore create a more durable barrier between the elements and the surface of your paint.

What's Included?
Our Basic HD Exterior Service
One Step Paint
Detailed Cleaning and
Ceramic Coating

Here Is What We Do

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Our Premium Ceramic Coating Protection Application service provides the same detailed approach to transforming your vehicle as our HD Exterior Detail Service, but with a focus on long-term paint protection. This custom service consists of our HD Exterior detail package, including decontamination and polishing. However, we also add a premium layer of protection that will leave your paint looking amazing. It will stay that way for quite a long time with proper care.

Paint Correction Assessment

Our paint correction assessment is specifically developed to produce the best results on any vehicle. Unlike high volume detail shops that use the exact same routine on each vehicle, we take the time to accurately test and evaluate every vehicle to ensure we are getting the maximum correction and gloss possible for your desired level of service.

Ceramic Coating Application

The ceramic paint coating that is included with this service offers at least 3+ years of durable protection from the elements, which means ther is no need to wax your vehicle! This paint coating will help to resist contamination, while producing an extremely high gloss. The self-cleaning properties of ceramic will make washing and drying easier than it has ever been. This service has become our most popular choice for vehicle owners who are interested in drastically enhancing the appearance of their vehicle, while also making it easier to clean, and reducing overall maintenance moving forward.


Please note – This service requires several days to complete.  Your vehicle will remain with us for 2-3 days on average.  A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to schedule an appointment for this service.

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What Our Customers Are Saying
R Perez
R Perez

Josue and his crew revived my 2007, Lexus, LS450.. Josue said from the beginning he would take care of it as if it was his own and he didn't disappoint. Upon seeing the completion of their work, I couldn't stop smiling and the words just …

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Lourdes Nunez
Lourdes Nunez

Josue was very attentive and responsive. He listened to what I requested and delivered on time and with exceptional results. I highly recommend his shop. My car looks better than new!

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Joel Diaz
Joel Diaz

Joshue and his team are true professionals excellent job. I will definitely be back to have more work done.

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